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Leaving Our Mark

The project aimed to create a public mosaic artwork by harnessing the energy and diversity of skills of older people in the community. The idea was to teach these senior citizens to in turn teach local children and to work together to produce something owrthwhile - and to have fun doing so.

Wall Mosaic

The core aims of the project were as follows:

To introduce older people from diverse backgrounds to a positive ageing strategy of being "active, out there in the community and creative” through an intergenerational mosaic public art project by involving older people in the planning and design of an artwork. These processes included decision making, artistic input and hands on assembly.

To rediscover and reaffirm the importance of daily fitness, creativity and mental alertness in a friendly environment with guidance and support by artists, allied health professionals throughout the sessions. To enjoy a sense of joie de vivre and satisfaction through the shared experience of creating a beautiful, vibrant and meaningful mosaic artwork and the ongoing association with local children.

To progress in such a way that the participants become the project leaders and ultimately become ;the instructors”, sharing their new-found mosaic art skills with local children. To illustrate, through the successful creation of this public mosaic artwork a community contribution which may actively change public perceptions of older people.



The mosaic is complete and has been installed.

Where is the project?:

Lane Cove Music & Cultural Centre, 266 Longueville Road Lane Cove. (Onsite parking, on bus route 254)