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Alex Batt

Alex Batt

Alex Batt is in his final year studying of a Bachelor of Music at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, he has 4 years teaching experience and has played the trumpet since he was 8years old.

Alex brings talent, youth and enthusiasm to his teaching and believes with dedication any student can become a great musician.

Alex Batt

Brass (Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Cornet and Euphonium) Teacher


Alex began playing the trumpet at 8 years old.  He has played in concert bands and stage bands all through primary and high school.  After completing his HSC, Alex studied at the Generations in Jazz Academy (Now the James Morrison University) in Mount Gambier, SA.  After completing a Diploma of Music (Jazz Studies), Alex was accepted into the Sydney Conservatorium to study a Bachelor of Music majoring in Jazz Performance.

Now in his 4th year studying at the Sydney Conservatorium, Alex has spent 4 years teaching privately as well as taking opportunities to perform in Jazz and World Music settings, performing at the Woodford Folk Festival as well the Peak Music Festival in Thredbo.  Alex has studied with renowned jazz musicians at the Conservatorium such as Phil Slater, Warwick Alder, Simon Sweeney and James Greening.


Learning music is fun and a teacher’s main goal should be ensuring that the student is enjoying themselves while learning.  If a student is not enjoying their musical education, then there is a good chance they will not concentrate during the lesson and they are less likely to practice at home.  Talent is not as important as persistence.

Alex believes that any student can become a great musician if they dedicate the time and effort.  Alex focuses on developing a sense of pulse and rhythm to aid in sight-reading, as well as making sure the student’s technical ability is consistently improved to develop their sound on brass instruments.


Diploma of Music (Jazz Studies) (Generations in Jazz Academy. Now the James Morrison University)

Alex Batt - Brass Teacher