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Another View of the Nude

Chris grew up in Lane Cove and has been drawing and creating artwork from an early age.

A student at St. Michael’s Lane Cove he remembers art & drawing as his favourite subjects.

In primary school he entered his first Art competition at Lane Cove Library and won the junior art prize. "I was always more passionate about creative arts than academic studies".

After leaving school he pursued more adventurous careers. In 1985 joining the NSW Fire Brigades first stationed at the old fire station in Longueville road (since demolished to make way for the freeway).

He spent 20 years as a fire fighter but still pursued art as often as possible. Whilst working at Kings Cross fire station he enrolled to study Fine Arts at East Sydney’s National Art School, attending lessons in between working night shifts at the fire station. He graduated in 1996 from East Sydney and continued practicing artwork while still working as a fireman, exhibiting in numerous group exhibitions.

A few years ago he began setting up a studio on his rural property in the central west not far from the old gold mining town of Hill End where he now resides. "I mainly draw these days and attend Life Drawing sessions whenever possible. I find drawing the human form a relaxing and meditative activity, my complete focus goes to that mark being made on the paper.

  • Seated Nude Figure  » Click to zoom ->

    Seated Nude Figure

  • Nude Figure  » Click to zoom ->

    Nude Figure

  • Reclining Nude  » Click to zoom ->

    Reclining Nude