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Fragments of Memory

Lorraine Simiana is an emerging artist in the process of completing her Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts at Meadowbank TAFE. She has a Diploma of Interior Design and this has equipped her with extensive knowledge of colour which is evident in her work.

Her exhibition titled “Fragments of Memory” is a collection of paintings, drawings and photographs drawing on significant memories during darker times; juxtaposed against the fonder memories of her life. Her paintings are a metaphorical insight into the journey of her life. This collection is intended to invite the viewers to draw on their own interpretation of the artworks.

Lorraine has explored many styles and techniques of Abstract paintings, describing her style as Contemporary Abstract and in some instances Non Representational.

Lorraine has used mixed media and various techniques as a way to bring together a cohesive collection of paintings with each artwork different but also with subtlety of color and meaning that takes the viewer into the painting where they can make new and unexpected insights. Texture, dimension, and color are the basis of her artwork. Lorraine mainly works on large scale paintings.

Her influences are first and foremost everything she has seen, felt and experienced, but she has always loved the works of Gerhardt Richter. Lorraine loves architecture particularly Art Nouveau. The artists most admired by Lorraine are Isabella Zacher-Finet, Ken Browne, Joakim Nordin, Antony McDonald and Philip Wolfhagen, all of whom have inspired and influenced her work.

"Memory is all we are. Moments and feelings, captured in amber, strung on filaments of reason. Take a man’s memories and you take all of him. Chip away a memory at a time and you destroy him as surely as if you hammered nail after nail through his skull."

Mark Lawrence, King of Thorns

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