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Humans In Space International Competition

John says: "My life long interests and work combine science and art. I am a qualified medical practitioner with extensive medical practice experience and have held very senior government regulatory positions for Australia's national health insurance system including Senior Adviser to the Federal Health Minister. I have extensive experience internationally in establishing health systems including IT, and won a number of awards for my work. I have undertaken short term consultancies for WHO. My strong science background is coupled with a life long interest in art, painting and drawing. I have studied fine arts - painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking and photography. I was inaugural artist in residence for North Sydney Council. I am an exhibiting member of the Royal Art Society of NSW. I have held a number of successful exhibitions. I experiment now in video media and animation and have a strong interest in childhood development and education. I have a very strong interest in rapid expansion of science, especially biology, human behaviour, medical science, earth sciences, cosmology and evolutionary biology. My greatest motivation and pleasure now comes from educating my young grand-daughters on all aspects of science, especially biology, to prepare them for their exciting future in a rapidly changing unpredictable world."


These are some of the entries from local children.


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    Moon Walk

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