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July/August - Mona Zhang

Mona’s passion for painting entices us into her world of colour, warmth and romantic sensibility. The energy in her work will infuse your mind and lift your spirits, enriching your own imagination and helping you reach your own spiritual and material goals.

Technically, her style is abstract and her palette derives from every spectrum of the colour wheel, used with passionate energy to create her vision in inspiring images. Mona’s method of painting builds up colour and texture in images that will hold the viewer spellbound.

Her inspiration springs from childhood impulses to reach out and succeed. The fresh, inspiring vision her work radiates acts as a tonic on the spirits, releasing hidden potential in people to throw off mental shackles and achieve their life goals through renewed spiritual energy.

Mona has a medical background and a firm belief in spiritual healing through natural energy. After some 20 years in the medical field, she has turned her career around, becoming a designer and painter.

She commenced painting over 10 years ago and today she focuses on Australian subjects, notably boats on the harbour, the bridge, sunrise and sunset.

Mona has studied at the National Art School under Roger Crawford, The Royal Art Society of New South Wales in North Sydney and Willoughby’s Workshop Art Centre. She is a member of the Art Gallery Society of NSW, Mosman Art Society and, over the past five years, has regularly exhibited her works in showings at the Mosman Art Gallery.

On 22/5-29/5/2010 She had a solo exhibition in China.

On July/August 2011 Mona has a solo exhibition at the Lane Cove Music and Cultural Centre Lane Cove NSW Sydney.