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June/July - Donald Heumiller

Encouraged by his success Donald has developed his passion for seascapes using acrylic on large canvases.

He has also chosen to broaden his subject base to exhibit his watercolours of various other interests that have received favourable comment.

This recent art work includes seascapes, landscapes, birds, flowers and some Chinese style art he developed while living in Taiwan.

Don has painted on commission for several local and international visitors. His work expresses a passion for realism incorporating nature’s form, colour, light & shade as inspiration. Each of these paintings embodies this passion.

This collection is typical of his artwork and I hope you will enjoy the exhibits that he has chosen to show you.

You may find a connection with the reality of one or more paintings that reminds you of something special.

Opening day this year will be June 19th, 3 - 5 pm and the public exhibition will continue from June 20th - July 7th.

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