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Mahoor Jadidi

Mahoor Jadidi

Mahoor first picked up a guitar 25 years ago and was immediately hooked.

Mahoor has studied Classical Guitar in his home city of Tehran and also in Australia, completing two Bachelor of Music degrees. Specialising in Classical and Flamenco guitar styles (where the strings are played with thumb and fingers, not a plectrum).

As an accomplished tutor and performer Mahoor can play a variety of forms of music and is often invited to play solo or guest appearances for a wide range of performances.

Mahoor Jadidi

Guitar and Classical Guitar Teacher


Mahoor studied Classical Guitar at Jame Elmi Karbordi University in his home city of Tehran, receiving a Bachelor of Music. He then went on to teach Music Practical and Theory at Alzahra Univeristy in Tehran, while also teaching private students. After immigrating to Australia, Mahoor studied at the Australian and International Conservatory of Music in Sydney, refreashing his Bachelor of Music in 2005. He has been a member of the International Federation of Musicians since 2001, as a musician and composer. 

With beginner students Mahoor prefers to teach the basics first, giving each student a good grounding before pursuing a particular style. This involves learning the location of the notes on the guitar, learning to read music, playing and/or singing with the correct rythym. 

As guitar tutor and performer Mahoor can play a variety of styles including Classical, Flamenco, Meditteranean, North African and South American. He composes and arranges music, for himself and other professional musicians. Mahoor is a keen vocalist in Pop, Spanish and South American styles. He is often been invited to perform as a soloist at weddings, parties, business seminars, and frequently makes guest appearances with other musicians including duos, quartets or bands at festivals and other functions.

Mahoor performed at the Sydney Opera House in 2012. His personal motto is "If you love music you must play or sing! If you cannot play or sing...let Mahoor teach you"


Bachelor of Music (Jame Elmi Karbordi University)

Bachelor of Music (Australian and International Conservatory of Music)

Member of the International Federation of Musicians as a musician and composer. 

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