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Mysteries and Miracles

A Meditation on the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area

An exhibition of paintings and photographs highlighting the moods and glory of this national treasure.

Since moving from Lane Cove five years ago, to live at Mount Victoria, Elizabeth Chandler fell under the spell of the quality of the light and the transient weather patterns that illuminate aspects of the bush, both majestic and miniature.

These paintings and photographs are my response to unforgettable experiences walking in pristine bush land and gazing upon breathtaking views of the Infinite Blue, interrupted only by random rays of sunlight falling upon ancient cliffs of sandstone.

In spring and summer, a feature of the Blue Mountains bush land is the explosion of colour from waratahs, whether they be seemingly alight in the sunshine, or seen dimly glowing through the mist. "Telopea Speciosissima" has been the floral emblem of New South Wales since 1962.

"Waratah" is an aboriginal word meaning "beautiful". These blooms regally complement the eucalypts, and contrast with dainty and delicate miniature orchids and lilies that peep out from amongst leaf litter, or beside sheltering rocks or old tree stumps.

Always present are blackened tree trunks, reminders of previous bush fires and the relentless cycle of life and death. To experience the beauty and drama of bush land, or our vast outback landscape, must go a long way towards gaining an understanding and love of this "sun burnt country".

Some years ago, while working as a teacher at Lane Cove Public School, Elizabeth Chandler had much pleasure in taking students on sketching walks in nearby bush land, finding unexpected treasures as we learned to observe the bush land closely as we drew.