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Sadhana Desai

Artist Sadhana Desai’s long awaited first solo exhibition of paintings and sculpture at the gallery space of the Lane Cove Music & Cultural Centre was open to the public 30AUG10 to 24SEP10 to coincide with the Cameraygal Festival.

The exhibition, aptly entitled Sathrung (mutlicolour), was indeed a special celebration of colours captured in beautiful paintings, sculptures and wood carvings.

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Sadhana who has a natural talent for the brush, derives sources for her art from mythology, religion and ancient folklore of mystical, and magical India. Born in East Africa, Sadhana spent her growing years in India where she developed her love affair with art at the tender age of 14. Though Her adult life proved a voyage of discovery travelling from India, New Zealand to USA and finally to the shores of Australia, the inspiration of her artwork remained rooted in her personal attachment with the beauty of her motherland.

In her collection of “Sathrung” artwork Sadhana expertly uses beautiful colours and different textures such as sand, eggshells and fabric liner, with the sole aim of providing the viewer an opportunity to experience Indian culture and glimpse in to the true magic of India. “Sathrung “in essence is a journey through the unique diversity of multicultural India. Sadhana’s art is influenced by ancient artwork on frescoes such as Ajanta to simple Gujarati home decorating methods. Recently Sadhana drifted away from her earlier method of painting on rectangular surfacers and experimented by combining sculpture and painting together using various mediums. This exploration of new material and new methods resulted in her creating eye catching three-dimensional artwork, which are unique to her collection.