Andrew Wilson is a highly regarded cello teacher based in Sydney with 22 years of teaching experience at a number of colleges, music academies, and private schools in Sydney and over 12 years of performance experience as a former orchestral musician in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra ('SSO') and Opera Australia Orchestra ('AOBO').

Andrew likes to build a rapport with his students and their parents, carefully assessing strengths and best learning styles of individual students in order to adjust teaching methods and planned progression of technical and artistic achievements for each student.


Aydin Zahedi started learning classical guitar at age 12. Five years later he purchased his first electric guitar and dedicated most of his time to refining his newly found musical skills. Aydin loves to perform as a session musician in live concerts and has made studio recordings. He studied Jazz performance at the Vienna Conservatory of Music in Austria to further develop his academic view and master his musical skills.

With 18 years teaching experience, Aydin is very enthusiastic about teaching young students (beginner to advanced levels) and tailors each lesson to suit each student's interests and needs. He believes that highlighting each student’s achievements and efforts will encourage them to spend more time practicing the guitar. Aydin encourages parents to attend lessons and regularly reach out to him.


Benjamin He is an enthusiastic young professional musician having studied piano for over 18 years and worked as a piano teacher for the past 7 years.

Ben has recently completed a Bachelor of Music (Performance) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. He is available to teach Piano, Musicianship and offer Accompaniment services.


Braxton is a dedicated and passionate Suzuki method cello teacher, he maintains teaching studios in both Sydney and Brisbane

He is a wonderful musician who is active as a freelance performer and is a positive caring teacher who provides expert tuition with a well rounded approach that enables his students to enjoy and respect the learning experience.


Cecilia is a piano and flute teacher with 10 years of private and classroom teaching experience. She graduated with a Bachelor of Music (Performance) and Music Education at the University of New South Wales and a Diploma in Kodály Concept of Music Education with Piano Pedagogy Specialisation and Musicianship from the Kodály Institute in Kecskemét in Hungary.

Cecilia is committed to helping her many students improve their musical skills, play their instrument with a clear understanding of music and perform on a regular basis.


A graduate of M. Mus (Performance) from the University of Auckland in Auckland, Doris is a pianist, oboist and music teacher with 12 years of teaching experience as a private tutor and in different music centres.

She has performed extensively in various orchestras including Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and as a solo pianist and an accompanist.


A graduate of the Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya in Barcelona, Ester has performed extensively as a soloist and in chamber ensembles. She has performed at the Sydney Opera House, and is a qualified teacher of the Suzuki method of learning piano.


Originally from Beijing, Joanna is a classical-trained pianist and a qualified teacher of the Suzuki method. She completed her certificate of performance (Honours) and has performed extensively as a soloist and a piano accompanist.

She believes that every child should have the opportunity to experience music. Music is a wonderful method for the development of character and confidence while providing a way for a child to bond with family, friends and the community. As Dr. Suzuki says, "Where love is deep, much will be accomplished"

Joanna can offer Suzuki or Traditional piano method, Wednesday and Sunday. She is also available as an accompanist and can speak Mandarin.


Josh grew up in a large musical family in Sydney's North Shore.

He began playing clarinet at the age of 10, frequently attending the NSW Clarinet Society events and workshops as a child. He then studied classical clarinet at Sydney Conservatorium of Music. He has an interest in many musical genres. Since graduation he has explored an interest in the EWI (Electronic Wind Instruments) and improvisation.


Junko Nishimura is a classically-trained pianist and an experienced and qualified exponent of the Suzuki Method for teaching piano.

Trained in Tokyo and in Australia, Junko has been teaching and performing since childhood, and has been teaching the Suzuki Method for 15 years.


Riri (pronounced "Lili") Matsuyama , is a product of the advanced Suzuki Method and has completed the entire repertoire, including the Japanese extensions of the Suzuki Method, for Violin. She has been studying violin since she was aged 4.

Lili has come to Australia to experience teaching violin using the Suzuki Method, in English, so as to reach more students from more backgrounds than is possible in Japanese alone.


Louise has been a professional performer for 20 years and is an accomplished vocal tutor of some 18 years; she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to pass onto her pupils from beginner vocal students right through to budding professionals.

Louise holds a strong belief and has experienced through her years of teaching that singing lessons can change lives.

Louise is a contemporary vocal tutor, her styles include; Popular, Rock, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Soul, R n B, Blues, Funk, Pop/Classical crossover, Folk and Country.


Mahoor first picked up a guitar 25 years ago and was immediately hooked.

Mahoor has studied Classical Guitar in his home city of Tehran and also in Australia, completing two Bachelor of Music degrees. Specialising in Classical and Flamenco guitar styles (where the strings are played with thumb and fingers, not a plectrum).

As an accomplished tutor and performer Mahoor can play a variety of forms of music and is often invited to play solo or guest appearances for a wide range of performances.


Nazli Bodaghi began learning Classical Guitar at fifteen then studied Classical Music (performance) at Tehran University. She is also a trained soprano, singing in the Tehran Choir.

Nazli has been teaching music for over ten years and after moving to Australia and learning about Suzuki Method has been teaching following this methodology for the last five years.

Nazli is a passionate and caring teacher who is a testament to the Suzuki philosophy “where love is deep much can be accomplished” Dr. Suzuki.


Rachel Howie is an accomplished performer and experienced flute teacher. She has performed with the Sydney Symphony, Tasmanian Symphony and Queensland Symphony orchestras. In 2018, she was selected as the Sydney Symphony’s ‘flute fellow’. She has been principal flute of the Australian Youth Orchestra and the Canberra Youth Orchestra, with whom she performed as a concerto soloist.

Having studied with some of the world’s leading flute teachers, Rachel has a wealth of knowledge to draw on in her teaching. She completed a Masters in Music at Sydney Conservatorium with Emma Sholl, intensive studies with Trevor Wye in the UK and a Bachelor of Music (First Class Honours) with Vernon Hill and Virginia Taylor. She has also participated in masterclasses with renowned teachers in the UK, The Netherlands, Austria and Canada.

Rachel tailors her lessons to suit each individual student’s needs and personality. She enjoys helping students work towards their full potential, but above all aims to foster a life-long love of music.


Sofia Obando Aburto is a talented and passionate young Costa Rican musician currently studying a Bachelor of Music Performance at the Conservatorium of Music, the University of Sydney.

She has had experience with several teaching methods as an international student. Sofia uses her knowledge and learning experience to her advantage in her teaching, and is very committed to her students.

She is available to teach Traditional Piano, Bassoon, Clarinet and Oboe.


Ted Kusano commenced tutoring Flute and Saxophone students at The Lane Cove Music and Cultural Centre in 2017. He is also a Professional Instrument Repairer running his own business in Artarmon, Sydney NSW.

Ted greatly enjoys interaction with and giving back to his local community. Ted teaches music because he loves it. Nothing makes Ted happier than seeing children actively learning and enjoying their musical experiences. He is very passionate about making sure that they have good instruments. He likes to say "You cannot go anywhere with flat tyres on a car" and an instrument is the same. Ted encourages his students to understand that regular practice and participation are very important to their individual progress.