Josh grew up in a large musical family in Sydney's North Shore.

He began playing clarinet at the age of 10, frequently attending the NSW Clarinet Society events and workshops as a child. He then studied classical clarinet at Sydney Conservatorium of Music. He has an interest in many musical genres. Since graduation he has explored an interest in the EWI (Electronic Wind Instruments) and improvisation.


Ted Kusano commenced tutoring Flute and Saxophone students at The Lane Cove Music and Cultural Centre in 2017. He is also a Professional Instrument Repairer running his own business in Artarmon, Sydney NSW.

Ted greatly enjoys interaction with and giving back to his local community. Ted teaches music because he loves it. Nothing makes Ted happier than seeing children actively learning and enjoying their musical experiences. He is very passionate about making sure that they have good instruments. He likes to say "You cannot go anywhere with flat tyres on a car" and an instrument is the same. Ted encourages his students to understand that regular practice and participation are very important to their individual progress.