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Local artist Magie Maule enthusiastically painted in preparation for her third Solo Exhibition held at The Lane Cove Music & Cultural Centre as part of the Lane Cove Cameraygal Festival.

Magie through her artworks explores themes of water in all its multitude of forms, shimmering, reflecting, caressing, mysterious, and deep dark and cataclysmic.

“In our dry country we are drawn to water, my exhibition celebrates the water in our very cells. The life within.”

Magie loves to paint landscapes, her love of water and waterscapes reflect a fluid and free spirited artist. An artist engaged in an imaginative creative process, an artist who loves to share her ideas and artworks.

Magie completed a Fine Arts degree (Hons) at Kings College, University of Durham; has lectured in basic Design, Art History, and Aesthetics and has worked as a freelance Designer and Decorator.

Magie moved to Sydney with her Film Director husband and two small children establishing a Decorative Painting Company and writing six books on stenciling and decoration, all published by Harper Collins.

Magie lectured at Macquarie community college for many years till her recent retirement to Lane Cove.

Magie exhibits with the Lane Cove and Drummoyne Art Societies, has participated in local shows with The Greenwich Group.

Magie’s art works are now privately owned in England, Spain, Holland and Australia.