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Zenith Chae

Zenith Chae

Zenith Chae is a practiced and experienced teacher and performer, and is currently furthering her own musical education at the Sydney Conservatory of Music where she is taking her Master's degree in Cello Performance.

Zenith Chae

Cello (Suzuki and Traditional), Piano, Theory and Musicianship Teacher


Born in South Korea, Zenith Chae spent her childhood and school years in New Zealand and relocated to Sydney in 2009. She holds a Diploma with distinction in piano (DipABRSM), AMus (distinction) and LMus in cello. She is currently majoring in Cello for  her Master of Music degree at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Zenith started teaching students of varying age, background and ability with private cello and piano lessons when she came to Sydney for her university studies, and has been teaching and performing since. Parallel to her Master’s degree, she is currently studying to become an accredited Suzuki Method cello teacher in New South Wales.

Zenith started learning piano aged three, and cello aged five. She has learned piano the traditional way, and has started learning cello in the Suzuki Method. She learned cello with Margaret Cooke (New Zealand), Takao Mizushima (Australia) and is studying with Julian Smiles at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Qualifications and Teaching Experioence:

With a distinction AMus and LMus in cello, Zenith has been teaching students ranging from kindergarten to mature age. She has helped students through AMEB exams, and has taught students up to AMus. She has recently started training to become a teacher in the Suzuki Method in which she herself grew up in, which she believes strongly influenced her to enjoy music beyond the various challenges that come during the years and stages of learning music.

With a DipABRSM (distinction; piano), Zenith has been teaching piano students of all ages. She has led interested students through AMEB exams, and others through programmes designed for their own interests, including leisure, pleasure, technical improvement, sight reading practice and accompaniment skills. She keeps her own accompanist skills in practice by playing for her own cello students at their exams and performances.

Zenith Chae Soloist

Zenith also enjoys helping students with aural training, music theory and general knowledge, and has a Grade 8 music theory certificate from the Royal School of Music. Putting her New Zealand Speech Board Grade 8 Public Speaking qualification to use in her music studio, Zenith helps students with speech skills and approaches to presentation of musical knowledge and easing the spoken components of music exams both in school settings and out-of-school settings.

Zenith has been visiting cello and piano tutor at West Ryde Public School since 2014, and recently started as cello tutor at St Patrick’s College Strathfield, where she, together with two violin-tutor colleagues, run the school’s Year 5 special curriculum music class.

Community Work:

Zenith has used music as a way to reach out to her community in various ways. Starting with leading the music team at her youth group, she has served in various roles: accompanying choir rehearsals, tutoring a children’s orchestra, serving as the cellist of chamber groups.

She has also visited war veterans’ rest homes and retirement villages, taking music performances to people who cannot access concerts easily.

Since 2015, she has been volunteering as tutor and administrator for the cellos-only orchestra ‘Suzuki Cello Choir’ in support of its director, her former teacher Takao Mizushima.