Kotone Hamataka

Kotone Hamataka Suzuki Violin

Kotone Hamataka is a young teacher who has completed the Suzuki Teacher Training Program on Violin under the guidance of Haruo Goto from the Suzuki Talent Education Association of Australia (NSW).

Kotone was an enthusiastic Suzuki student, completing all Suzuki Graduation Levels 1-12 in Japan. She recently arrived in Australia to take up additional training opportunities with Haruo and learn more about the” Suzuki Method “, its philosophy, teaching techniques and to immerse herself in the local Suzuki community.


Kotone has always had a great love of Music and an interest in education. She was inspired by Dr S Suzuki and studied the Suzuki Violin repertoire under Tadano Higano, Ryoko Yamabe and Takahiro Okubo. Graduated all Suzuki violin repertoire, Books 1-12 by age 16.

Kotone studied Suzuki Piano Method with Maki Uchikawa and Rieko Aoki a Traditional piano teacher.

A regular visitor to Australia, she participated in many Suzuki Workshops in Sydney as a student and it was these wonderful childhood memories that lead her to a desire to commence Suzuki Teacher Training with Haruo.

Kotone completed a Bachelor of Information Design at Otsuma Women's University in 2018before her commencing her first job with MOL Information Systems, Ltd as an Infrastructure Systems Engineer

Qualifications and present employment:

Certificate III Suzuki Talent Education (Violin)

Bachelor of Information Design. University ofJapan

Suzuki Teacher 2022, Suzuki Talent Education -Thornleigh

Lane Cove Music and Cultural Centre 2022 -Lane Cove