Belis Macpherson

Belis Macpherson Voice

Belis is an enthusiastic young vocal teacher who has commenced studying Voice Performance at the Conservatorium of Music Sydney.

Belis is a new Trainee Voice Teacher who has experience in choral work, including the Sydney Children’s Choirs and more recently with Sydney Philharmonia Choirs both of which have seen her perform at the Sydney Opera House.

Recently , Belis was chosen to perform as a Soprano for the Pacific Opera’s upcoming production of Mozart’s Requiem.

Belis was an active participant in all her school performances and held the position of Choir Captain at her school where she supported younger singers and came to appreciate the joy of teaching

Belis in her studies at the Conservatorium of Music Sydney is a pupil of a well-known Australian soprano. In the past Belis has studied both the AMEB and Suzuki Methods of Music Education.

(Belis is considering her options to undertake the Suzuki Teacher Training Certificate III for Voice in the near future ). In voice and music theory she studied the AMEB method, Piano using the Suzuki Method from several great tutors including Ester Balasch Lozano, as well as violin using a blended approach.

Having had a lifetime of wonderful music education herself, she can now discern an open-minded, insightful, and uncomplicated teaching approach, to encourage and motivate younger students to reach their full potential. Belis is looking forward to commencing as a teacher at LCMCC in term 2..