Junko Nishimura

Junko Nishimura Suzuki Piano

Junko Nishimura is a classically-trained pianist and an experienced and qualified exponent of the Suzuki Method for teaching piano. Trained in Tokyo and in Australia, Junko has been teaching and performing since childhood, and has been teaching the Suzuki Method for 15 years.

Suzuki Piano Teacher


Junko’s musical career began at 5 years of age. At 14, Junko sat under the tutelage of Professor Aiko Tokugawa, as a private student, before winning a place at the Musashino Academia Musicae University in Tokyo. Throughout her lifetime of study, and after graduation from University, Junko performed solo and group concerts, while advancing her teaching career with Yamaha Music School in Tokyo.

Relocating to Australia with her family, Junko explored the child-centred learning method developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. Her passion for her children and their opportunity to learn music with this remarkable and natural learning method has lasted for 15 years.

Philosophy and Interests:

Music is like a child’s mother tongue. Children learn to speak without the need of reading or writing; they use instead their innate curiosity and natural aural skills. They possess a great ear to listen, and a desire to imitate. This is the core of the Suzuki Method that Junko employs in her teaching. Music is not just learning a tune or rhythm, but learning a sense of music - the phrasing, the dynamics, articulation and breathing. Junko herself was trained in the traditional method, which required reading of music first; but she knows children can be trained to read later.

The Suzuki Method focuses on embracing the character of the child, and developing their ability in a rich, musical environment. Such nurturing characteristics are reflected in the famous words of Dr. Suzuki, “Where love is deep, much will be accomplished”.

Junko believes that every child can play music, and as her understanding and experience with this method has deepened, the pleasure in the learning journey with her students and their parents has grown, and grown. She wishes she too had grown up in Suzuki Method.


SUZUKI Talent Education Association of Australia

B. Music, majored in Piano, Musashino Academia Musicae University, Tokyo


My daughter has been learning Suzuki piano with Junko for over 2 years now and I am extremely pleased with how much music ability she has gained. Junko is a very experienced and patient instructor, and is very enthusiastic when she teaches. My daughter enjoys playing the piano and looks forward to learning new pieces all the time. The LCMCC provides a wonderful space for music learning and I am so glad that my children are enjoying learning their music here. The office staff are always very welcoming, friendly and helpful. I highly recommend the LCMCC for anyone looking to take up music lessons. S. Lum