Riri Matsuyama

Riri Matsuyama Suzuki Violin

Riri (pronounced "Lili") Matsuyama , is a product of the advanced Suzuki Method and has completed the entire repertoire, including the Japanese extensions of the Suzuki Method, for Violin. She has been studying violin since she was aged 4.

Lili has come to Australia to experience teaching violin using the Suzuki Method, in English, so as to reach more students from more backgrounds than is possible in Japanese alone.


Lili Matsuyama was born in Fukuoka, in southern Japan. She started learning piano at the age of 3 with her mother who is a piano teacher in the traditional method. Lili started learning the violin the following year, at the age of 4, with Yoko Ishikawa in the Suzuki Method.

Lili graduated in all stages of the Suzuki Method (Books 1 through to 10) and consecutively completed the three diploma courses (A, B and C) which are special additional stages offered by the Suzuki Method in Japan to advanced students who have successfully completed all the Suzuki repertoire. She completed all stages by age 15 and thereafter continued further studies in violin with Yoko Ishikawa.

Upon entering The International Academy of Suzuki Method in Matsumoto in 2013, Lili was under the tutelage of Professors Koji Toyoda, Yukari Tate and Hiroko Toba. Koji Toyoda was one of the first students of the famous music educator Shinichi Suzuki, the founder of the Suzuki Method of Music. Yukari Tate is a Suzuki violin educator once invited to Paris by President Chirac to teach Suzuki Method music classes.

With her public solo graduation recital at Matsumoto in October 2015, Lili graduated from her Suzuki teacher training course majoring in violin. Lili came to Australia in 2016 in order to experience Suzuki Method teaching outside of Japan. Specifically teaching Suzuki Method lessons in English to reach out to students from all backgrounds through the Suzuki Method of teaching.

Lili is fluent in Japanese and proficient in English.


Suzuki Method Violin Teacher Certificate
The International Academy of Suzuki Method in Matsumoto, Japan
(Suzuki Talent Education Research Institute in Matsumoto, Japan)

NB You will sometimes see Lili's name spelled Riri. However spelled, it is always pronounced "Lili", in Japanese as well as in English.


My daughter Airan begun to learn the violin last January with Suzuki teacher Riri, who is a very nice, patient and professional tutor, especially for a new learner. My daughter has built confidence in music and completed learning 16 songs with great interest. Thanks to Riri and LCMCC for organizing some group lessons and concerts where my daughter has the chance to perform solo and have fun playing violin together with others. In my opinion learning music is an interest that can last a lifetime more than just a new musical skill, I think my daughter has a good start in finding her happiness in this journey. D. Zhang

My son has studied with Riri for 3 years now and it has been a wonderful journey from the beginning. Riri is kind, patient, very knowledgeable and great with children. This year my daughter started learning the cello with Braxton and he has been terrific with her - she looks forward to her lessons. LCMCC has a nurturing environment for my kids to grow in their love for music. J. Wong

My daughter has been learning violin from Riri for the last 1½ years. Riri is the perfect teacher for beginner learners – she is patient, gentle and engaging. With her nurturing style, she is able to harness the child’s curiosity to learn. We have been amazed by how quickly my daughter has progressed, and how she will actively try to improve her technique during home practice. R. Lai