Robyn Mah - Director and Public Officer (pro tem)

In her long-term role as Director of the Lane Cove Music and Cultural Centre, and as newly-appointed President, Robyn continues to collaborate and develop innovative arts projects/programs. Robyn is responsible for the financial management of the Association, Hall and Studio bookings and the smooth running of all creative programs. She is determined to secure a firm financial foundation for the Association to ensure continuity of direction as the Lane Cove Music and Cultural Association (Centre) takes up an evolving challenge of providing active and interesting cultural opportunities for the residents of Lane Cove.

Professional Background:

Prior to 1994, Robyn has had a significant career as a Founder/Co-Founder and Manager of a diverse number of arts organisations; she has acted in the following positions : Artistic Director, Project/Programme Co-ordinator, Board Member and Training and Visual Arts Practitioner.

Founder and Manager of Cultural Programs and Organisations

  • Lane Cove School Music Tuition Program,- Convenor
  • Shell Gore Bay Chamber Orchestra (occasional orchestra),- Founder
  • Lane Cove Youth Orchestra,- Co-Founder
  • The Lane Cove Village Singers, Founder, - Manager
  • ‘Off the Wall’ Gallery Space,- Founder, Project Coordinator
  • Women’s Recreational Space Project ( TWL), -Coordinator
  • Compassionate Bodies Art Cooperative Collective Project , Advisor
  • S.C. Johnson Music Score Library (permanently housed in Lane Cove Library), -Co-Founder
  • Lane Cove Music and Cultural Centre, -Co-founder and Director
  • Lane Cove Small Exhibition Series - Founder, Coordinator
  • Lane Cove Children’s Recitals Series,- Founder, Coordinator

Artistic Director and Coordinator of Various Arts Festivals

  • Boomalli Aboriginal Contemporary Arts Festival- Festival Director
  • The Winter Solstice Festival, -Director
  • Left Bank Comes to Lane Cove Project (Year)- Director
  • ‘Leaving Our Mark’; Positive Ageing- Public Mosaic Project , - Artistic Director

Past and Present Board Member of Arts Organisations

  • Suzuki Talent Education Association- Board member
  • Lane Cove Youth Orchestra- President, Treasurer
  • Lane Cove Rotary Fair Committee-Committee Member
  • Cameraygal Arts Festival- Committee Member
  • Sydney Youth Orchestra- Committee Member
  • Lane Cove Cultural Advisory Committee Member
  • Sydney Street Choir- Board Member
  • The Women’s Library, Treasurer, Convenor

Arts Administration Trainer

  • Utrecht University (Holland), Coordinator of exchange students
  • Colorado Youth Orchestra, Coordinator of exchange tour
  • Lithuanian Youth Orchestra, Coordinator of Concert
  • Local work experience Students, Host trainer


  • Lane Cove Music and Cultural Association Initial Funding drive
  • St Andrew’s Cathedral Choir, Tour Fundraising
  • NSW Department of Education: Performing Arts Unit, Fundraising
  • Sydney Youth Orchestra, Fundraising, Music Librarian, Touring Assistant