Yoan Priadi

Yoan Priadi Piano, Accompanist

Yoan is experienced in teaching preschoolers to adults with materials tailored to each students’ needs.

Yoan is a highly qualified classical pianist who completed her Bachelor of Music in Classical Piano at the Australian Institute of Music and has won international competitions during her studies, including the 7th Singapore Performers’ Festival & Chamber Music, Kawai-Thailand ASEAN Piano Competition and Hong Kong Asia Pacific Piano Competition.

Yoan's teaching experience includes lesson planning for each student, teaching in music centres and private lessons, and preparing students for exam and performance opportunities. Yoan fosters creativity and fun in the early learning stage and applies many musical skills as the levels advance.

Yoan prioritizes fostering a love for music in each student while providing a strong technical foundation. She is committed to creating a positive and engaging learning environment, tailoring her instruction to cater to individual needs and learning styles. Yoan believes in fostering a growth mindset, encouraging students to celebrate their progress and embrace challenges with enthusiasm.

Yoan actively participates in music seminars and workshops to share and learn with other piano teachers.

After 16 years of playing piano and throughout Yoan’s teaching experiences, she dedicates herself to teaching and helping her students make huge improvements in their musical journey. It is most delightful to see her students showing love and commitment to learning piano and channeling their passion.